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// Copyright 2016 Google LLC
// Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
// you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
// You may obtain a copy of the License at
// Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
// distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
// See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
// limitations under the License.
package vision
import (
pb ""
// FaceLandmarks contains the positions of facial features detected by the service.
type FaceLandmarks struct {
Eyebrows Eyebrows
Eyes Eyes
Ears Ears
Nose Nose
Mouth Mouth
Chin Chin
Forehead *pb.Position
// Eyebrows represents a face's eyebrows.
type Eyebrows struct {
Left, Right Eyebrow
// Eyebrow represents a face's eyebrow.
type Eyebrow struct {
Top, Left, Right *pb.Position
// Eyes represents a face's eyes.
type Eyes struct {
Left, Right Eye
// Eye represents a face's eye.
type Eye struct {
Left, Right, Top, Bottom, Center, Pupil *pb.Position
// Ears represents a face's ears.
type Ears struct {
Left, Right *pb.Position
// Nose represents a face's nose.
type Nose struct {
Left, Right, Top, Bottom, Tip *pb.Position
// Mouth represents a face's mouth.
type Mouth struct {
Left, Center, Right, UpperLip, LowerLip *pb.Position
// Chin represents a face's chin.
type Chin struct {
Left, Center, Right *pb.Position
// FaceFromLandmarks converts the list of face landmarks returned by the service
// to a FaceLandmarks struct.
func FaceFromLandmarks(landmarks []*pb.FaceAnnotation_Landmark) *FaceLandmarks {
face := &FaceLandmarks{}
for _, lm := range landmarks {
switch lm.Type {
case pb.FaceAnnotation_Landmark_LEFT_OF_LEFT_EYEBROW:
face.Eyebrows.Left.Left = lm.Position
case pb.FaceAnnotation_Landmark_RIGHT_OF_LEFT_EYEBROW:
face.Eyebrows.Left.Right = lm.Position
case pb.FaceAnnotation_Landmark_LEFT_OF_RIGHT_EYEBROW:
face.Eyebrows.Right.Left = lm.Position
case pb.FaceAnnotation_Landmark_RIGHT_OF_RIGHT_EYEBROW:
face.Eyebrows.Right.Right = lm.Position
case pb.FaceAnnotation_Landmark_LEFT_EYEBROW_UPPER_MIDPOINT:
face.Eyebrows.Left.Top = lm.Position
case pb.FaceAnnotation_Landmark_RIGHT_EYEBROW_UPPER_MIDPOINT:
face.Eyebrows.Right.Top = lm.Position
case pb.FaceAnnotation_Landmark_MIDPOINT_BETWEEN_EYES:
face.Nose.Top = lm.Position
case pb.FaceAnnotation_Landmark_NOSE_TIP:
face.Nose.Tip = lm.Position
case pb.FaceAnnotation_Landmark_UPPER_LIP:
face.Mouth.UpperLip = lm.Position
case pb.FaceAnnotation_Landmark_LOWER_LIP:
face.Mouth.LowerLip = lm.Position
case pb.FaceAnnotation_Landmark_MOUTH_LEFT:
face.Mouth.Left = lm.Position
case pb.FaceAnnotation_Landmark_MOUTH_RIGHT:
face.Mouth.Right = lm.Position
case pb.FaceAnnotation_Landmark_MOUTH_CENTER:
face.Mouth.Center = lm.Position
case pb.FaceAnnotation_Landmark_NOSE_BOTTOM_RIGHT:
face.Nose.Right = lm.Position
case pb.FaceAnnotation_Landmark_NOSE_BOTTOM_LEFT:
face.Nose.Left = lm.Position
case pb.FaceAnnotation_Landmark_NOSE_BOTTOM_CENTER:
face.Nose.Bottom = lm.Position
case pb.FaceAnnotation_Landmark_LEFT_EYE:
face.Eyes.Left.Center = lm.Position
case pb.FaceAnnotation_Landmark_RIGHT_EYE:
face.Eyes.Right.Center = lm.Position
case pb.FaceAnnotation_Landmark_LEFT_EYE_TOP_BOUNDARY:
face.Eyes.Left.Top = lm.Position
case pb.FaceAnnotation_Landmark_LEFT_EYE_RIGHT_CORNER:
face.Eyes.Left.Right = lm.Position
case pb.FaceAnnotation_Landmark_LEFT_EYE_BOTTOM_BOUNDARY:
face.Eyes.Left.Bottom = lm.Position
case pb.FaceAnnotation_Landmark_LEFT_EYE_LEFT_CORNER:
face.Eyes.Left.Left = lm.Position
case pb.FaceAnnotation_Landmark_RIGHT_EYE_TOP_BOUNDARY:
face.Eyes.Right.Top = lm.Position
case pb.FaceAnnotation_Landmark_RIGHT_EYE_RIGHT_CORNER:
face.Eyes.Right.Right = lm.Position
case pb.FaceAnnotation_Landmark_RIGHT_EYE_BOTTOM_BOUNDARY:
face.Eyes.Right.Bottom = lm.Position
case pb.FaceAnnotation_Landmark_RIGHT_EYE_LEFT_CORNER:
face.Eyes.Right.Left = lm.Position
case pb.FaceAnnotation_Landmark_LEFT_EYE_PUPIL:
face.Eyes.Left.Pupil = lm.Position
case pb.FaceAnnotation_Landmark_RIGHT_EYE_PUPIL:
face.Eyes.Right.Pupil = lm.Position
case pb.FaceAnnotation_Landmark_LEFT_EAR_TRAGION:
face.Ears.Left = lm.Position
case pb.FaceAnnotation_Landmark_RIGHT_EAR_TRAGION:
face.Ears.Right = lm.Position
case pb.FaceAnnotation_Landmark_FOREHEAD_GLABELLA:
face.Forehead = lm.Position
case pb.FaceAnnotation_Landmark_CHIN_GNATHION:
face.Chin.Center = lm.Position
case pb.FaceAnnotation_Landmark_CHIN_LEFT_GONION:
face.Chin.Left = lm.Position
case pb.FaceAnnotation_Landmark_CHIN_RIGHT_GONION:
face.Chin.Right = lm.Position
log.Printf("vision: ignoring unknown face annotation landmark %s", lm.Type)
return face