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// Copyright 2017 Google LLC.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style
// license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
// Package internal supports the options and transport packages.
package internal
import (
func TestSettingsValidate(t *testing.T) {
dummyGetClientCertificate := func(info *tls.CertificateRequestInfo) (*tls.Certificate, error) { return nil, nil }
// Valid.
for _, ds := range []DialSettings{
{APIKey: "x"},
{Scopes: []string{"s"}},
{CredentialsFile: "f"},
{TokenSource: dummyTS{}},
{CredentialsFile: "f", TokenSource: dummyTS{}}, // keep for backwards compatibility
{CredentialsJSON: []byte("json")},
{HTTPClient: &http.Client{}},
{GRPCConn: &grpc.ClientConn{}},
// Although NoAuth and Scopes are technically incompatible, too many
// cloud clients add WithScopes to user-provided options to make
// the check feasible.
{NoAuth: true, Scopes: []string{"s"}},
{ClientCertSource: dummyGetClientCertificate},
} {
err := ds.Validate()
if err != nil {
t.Errorf("%+v: got %v, want nil", ds, err)
// Invalid.
for _, ds := range []DialSettings{
{NoAuth: true, APIKey: "x"},
{NoAuth: true, CredentialsFile: "f"},
{NoAuth: true, TokenSource: dummyTS{}},
{NoAuth: true, Credentials: &google.DefaultCredentials{}},
{Credentials: &google.DefaultCredentials{}, CredentialsFile: "f"},
{Credentials: &google.DefaultCredentials{}, TokenSource: dummyTS{}},
{Credentials: &google.DefaultCredentials{}, CredentialsJSON: []byte("json")},
{CredentialsFile: "f", CredentialsJSON: []byte("json")},
{CredentialsJSON: []byte("json"), TokenSource: dummyTS{}},
{HTTPClient: &http.Client{}, GRPCConn: &grpc.ClientConn{}},
{HTTPClient: &http.Client{}, GRPCDialOpts: []grpc.DialOption{grpc.WithInsecure()}},
{Audiences: []string{"foo"}, Scopes: []string{"foo"}},
{HTTPClient: &http.Client{}, QuotaProject: "foo"},
{HTTPClient: &http.Client{}, RequestReason: "foo"},
{HTTPClient: &http.Client{}, ClientCertSource: dummyGetClientCertificate},
{ClientCertSource: dummyGetClientCertificate, GRPCConn: &grpc.ClientConn{}},
{ClientCertSource: dummyGetClientCertificate, GRPCConnPool: struct{ ConnPool }{}},
{ClientCertSource: dummyGetClientCertificate, GRPCDialOpts: []grpc.DialOption{grpc.WithInsecure()}},
{ClientCertSource: dummyGetClientCertificate, GRPCConnPoolSize: 1},
} {
err := ds.Validate()
if err == nil {
t.Errorf("%+v: got nil, want error", ds)
type dummyTS struct{}
func (dummyTS) Token() (*oauth2.Token, error) { return nil, nil }