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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0 */
* Texas Instruments CPDMA Driver
* Copyright (C) 2010 Texas Instruments
#ifndef __DAVINCI_CPDMA_H__
#define __DAVINCI_CPDMA_H__
#define CPDMA_RX_SOURCE_PORT(__status__) ((__status__ >> 16) & 0x7)
#define CPDMA_EOI_RX 0x1
#define CPDMA_EOI_TX 0x2
#define CPDMA_EOI_MISC 0x3
struct cpdma_params {
struct device *dev;
void __iomem *dmaregs;
void __iomem *txhdp, *rxhdp, *txcp, *rxcp;
void __iomem *rxthresh, *rxfree;
int num_chan;
bool has_soft_reset;
int min_packet_size;
dma_addr_t desc_mem_phys;
dma_addr_t desc_hw_addr;
int desc_mem_size;
int desc_align;
u32 bus_freq_mhz;
u32 descs_pool_size;
* Some instances of embedded cpdma controllers have extra control and
* status registers. The following flag enables access to these
* "extended" registers.
bool has_ext_regs;
struct cpdma_chan_stats {
u32 head_enqueue;
u32 tail_enqueue;
u32 pad_enqueue;
u32 misqueued;
u32 desc_alloc_fail;
u32 pad_alloc_fail;
u32 runt_receive_buff;
u32 runt_transmit_buff;
u32 empty_dequeue;
u32 busy_dequeue;
u32 good_dequeue;
u32 requeue;
u32 teardown_dequeue;
struct cpdma_ctlr;
struct cpdma_chan;
typedef void (*cpdma_handler_fn)(void *token, int len, int status);
struct cpdma_ctlr *cpdma_ctlr_create(struct cpdma_params *params);
int cpdma_ctlr_destroy(struct cpdma_ctlr *ctlr);
int cpdma_ctlr_start(struct cpdma_ctlr *ctlr);
int cpdma_ctlr_stop(struct cpdma_ctlr *ctlr);
struct cpdma_chan *cpdma_chan_create(struct cpdma_ctlr *ctlr, int chan_num,
cpdma_handler_fn handler, int rx_type);
int cpdma_chan_get_rx_buf_num(struct cpdma_chan *chan);
int cpdma_chan_destroy(struct cpdma_chan *chan);
int cpdma_chan_start(struct cpdma_chan *chan);
int cpdma_chan_stop(struct cpdma_chan *chan);
int cpdma_chan_get_stats(struct cpdma_chan *chan,
struct cpdma_chan_stats *stats);
int cpdma_chan_submit_mapped(struct cpdma_chan *chan, void *token,
dma_addr_t data, int len, int directed);
int cpdma_chan_submit(struct cpdma_chan *chan, void *token, void *data,
int len, int directed);
int cpdma_chan_idle_submit_mapped(struct cpdma_chan *chan, void *token,
dma_addr_t data, int len, int directed);
int cpdma_chan_idle_submit(struct cpdma_chan *chan, void *token, void *data,
int len, int directed);
int cpdma_chan_process(struct cpdma_chan *chan, int quota);
int cpdma_ctlr_int_ctrl(struct cpdma_ctlr *ctlr, bool enable);
void cpdma_ctlr_eoi(struct cpdma_ctlr *ctlr, u32 value);
int cpdma_chan_int_ctrl(struct cpdma_chan *chan, bool enable);
u32 cpdma_ctrl_rxchs_state(struct cpdma_ctlr *ctlr);
u32 cpdma_ctrl_txchs_state(struct cpdma_ctlr *ctlr);
bool cpdma_check_free_tx_desc(struct cpdma_chan *chan);
int cpdma_chan_set_weight(struct cpdma_chan *ch, int weight);
int cpdma_chan_set_rate(struct cpdma_chan *ch, u32 rate);
u32 cpdma_chan_get_rate(struct cpdma_chan *ch);
u32 cpdma_chan_get_min_rate(struct cpdma_ctlr *ctlr);
enum cpdma_control {
CPDMA_TX_RLIM, /* read-write */
CPDMA_CMD_IDLE, /* write-only */
CPDMA_COPY_ERROR_FRAMES, /* read-write */
CPDMA_RX_OFF_LEN_UPDATE, /* read-write */
CPDMA_RX_OWNERSHIP_FLIP, /* read-write */
CPDMA_TX_PRIO_FIXED, /* read-write */
CPDMA_STAT_IDLE, /* read-only */
CPDMA_STAT_TX_ERR_CHAN, /* read-only */
CPDMA_STAT_TX_ERR_CODE, /* read-only */
CPDMA_STAT_RX_ERR_CHAN, /* read-only */
CPDMA_STAT_RX_ERR_CODE, /* read-only */
CPDMA_RX_BUFFER_OFFSET, /* read-write */
int cpdma_control_get(struct cpdma_ctlr *ctlr, int control);
int cpdma_control_set(struct cpdma_ctlr *ctlr, int control, int value);
int cpdma_get_num_rx_descs(struct cpdma_ctlr *ctlr);
int cpdma_set_num_rx_descs(struct cpdma_ctlr *ctlr, int num_rx_desc);
int cpdma_get_num_tx_descs(struct cpdma_ctlr *ctlr);