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Marvell GICP Controller
GICP is a Marvell extension of the GIC that allows to trigger GIC SPI
interrupts by doing a memory transaction. It is used by the ICU
located in the Marvell CP110 to turn wired interrupts inside the CP
into GIC SPI interrupts.
Required properties:
- compatible: Must be "marvell,ap806-gicp"
- reg: Must be the address and size of the GICP SPI registers
- marvell,spi-ranges: tuples of GIC SPI interrupts ranges available
for this GICP
- msi-controller: indicates that this is an MSI controller
gicp_spi: gicp-spi@3f0040 {
compatible = "marvell,ap806-gicp";
reg = <0x3f0040 0x10>;
marvell,spi-ranges = <64 64>, <288 64>;