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Binding for Qualcomm Atheros AR7xxx/AR9XXX CPU interrupt controller
On most SoC the IRQ controller need to flush the DDR FIFO before running
the interrupt handler of some devices. This is configured using the
qca,ddr-wb-channels and qca,ddr-wb-channel-interrupts properties.
Required Properties:
- compatible: has to be "qca,<soctype>-cpu-intc", "qca,ar7100-cpu-intc"
as fallback
- interrupt-controller : Identifies the node as an interrupt controller
- #interrupt-cells : Specifies the number of cells needed to encode interrupt
source, should be 1 for intc
Please refer to interrupts.txt in this directory for details of the common
Interrupt Controllers bindings used by client devices.
Optional Properties:
- qca,ddr-wb-channel-interrupts: List of the interrupts needing a write
buffer flush
- qca,ddr-wb-channels: List of phandles to the write buffer channels for
each interrupt. If qca,ddr-wb-channel-interrupts is not present the interrupt
default to the entry's index.
interrupt-controller {
compatible = "qca,ar9132-cpu-intc", "qca,ar7100-cpu-intc";
#interrupt-cells = <1>;
qca,ddr-wb-channel-interrupts = <2>, <3>, <4>, <5>;
qca,ddr-wb-channels = <&ddr_ctrl 3>, <&ddr_ctrl 2>,
<&ddr_ctrl 0>, <&ddr_ctrl 1>;
ddr_ctrl: memory-controller@18000000 {
#qca,ddr-wb-channel-cells = <1>;