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* Ingenic JZ47xx MMC controllers
This file documents the device tree properties used for the MMC controller in
Ingenic JZ4740/JZ4780 SoCs. These are in addition to the core MMC properties
described in mmc.txt.
Required properties:
- compatible: Should be one of the following:
- "ingenic,jz4740-mmc" for the JZ4740
- "ingenic,jz4725b-mmc" for the JZ4725B
- "ingenic,jz4780-mmc" for the JZ4780
- reg: Should contain the MMC controller registers location and length.
- interrupts: Should contain the interrupt specifier of the MMC controller.
- clocks: Clock for the MMC controller.
Optional properties:
- dmas: List of DMA specifiers with the controller specific format
as described in the generic DMA client binding. A tx and rx
specifier is required.
- dma-names: RX and TX DMA request names.
Should be "rx" and "tx", in that order.
For additional details on DMA client bindings see ../dma/dma.txt.
mmc0: mmc@13450000 {
compatible = "ingenic,jz4780-mmc";
reg = <0x13450000 0x1000>;
interrupt-parent = <&intc>;
interrupts = <37>;
clocks = <&cgu JZ4780_CLK_MSC0>;
clock-names = "mmc";
dmas = <&dma JZ4780_DMA_MSC0_RX 0xffffffff>, <&dma JZ4780_DMA_MSC0_TX 0xffffffff>;
dma-names = "rx", "tx";