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* TI OMAP SDHCI Controller
Refer to mmc.txt for standard MMC bindings.
For UHS devices which require tuning, the device tree should have a "cpu_thermal" node which maps to the appropriate thermal zone. This is used to get the temperature of the zone during tuning.
Required properties:
- compatible: Should be "ti,dra7-sdhci" for DRA7 and DRA72 controllers
Should be "ti,k2g-sdhci" for K2G
- ti,hwmods: Must be "mmc<n>", <n> is controller instance starting 1
(Not required for K2G).
- pinctrl-names: Should be subset of "default", "hs", "sdr12", "sdr25", "sdr50",
"ddr50-rev11", "sdr104-rev11", "ddr50", "sdr104",
"ddr_1_8v-rev11", "ddr_1_8v" or "ddr_3_3v", "hs200_1_8v-rev11",
- pinctrl-<n> : Pinctrl states as described in bindings/pinctrl/pinctrl-bindings.txt
mmc1: mmc@4809c000 {
compatible = "ti,dra7-sdhci";
reg = <0x4809c000 0x400>;
ti,hwmods = "mmc1";
bus-width = <4>;
vmmc-supply = <&vmmc>; /* phandle to regulator node */