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.. SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0+
Linux* Base Driver for the Intel(R) Ethernet Connection E800 Series
Intel ice Linux driver.
Copyright(c) 2018 Intel Corporation.
- Enabling the driver
- Support
The driver in this release supports Intel's E800 Series of products. For
more information, visit Intel's support page at
Enabling the driver
The driver is enabled via the standard kernel configuration system,
using the make command::
make oldconfig/menuconfig/etc.
The driver is located in the menu structure at:
-> Device Drivers
-> Network device support (NETDEVICES [=y])
-> Ethernet driver support
-> Intel devices
-> Intel(R) Ethernet Connection E800 Series Support
For general information, go to the Intel support website at:
or the Intel Wired Networking project hosted by Sourceforge at:
If an issue is identified with the released source code on a supported kernel
with a supported adapter, email the specific information related to the issue