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.. SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0+
Linux* Driver for the Pensando(R) Ethernet adapter family
Pensando Linux Ethernet driver.
Copyright(c) 2019 Pensando Systems, Inc
- Identifying the Adapter
- Support
Identifying the Adapter
To find if one or more Pensando PCI Ethernet devices are installed on the
host, check for the PCI devices::
$ lspci -d 1dd8:
b5:00.0 Ethernet controller: Device 1dd8:1002
b6:00.0 Ethernet controller: Device 1dd8:1002
If such devices are listed as above, then the ionic.ko driver should find
and configure them for use. There should be log entries in the kernel
messages such as these::
$ dmesg | grep ionic
ionic Pensando Ethernet NIC Driver, ver 0.15.0-k
ionic 0000:b5:00.0 enp181s0: renamed from eth0
ionic 0000:b6:00.0 enp182s0: renamed from eth0
For general Linux networking support, please use the netdev mailing
list, which is monitored by Pensando personnel::
For more specific support needs, please use the Pensando driver support