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* Sigma Designs Tango4 Clock Generator
The Tango4 clock generator outputs cpu_clk and sys_clk (the latter is used
for RAM and various peripheral devices). The clock binding described here
is applicable to all Tango4 SoCs.
Required Properties:
- compatible: should be "sigma,tango4-clkgen".
- reg: physical base address of the device and length of memory mapped region.
- clocks: phandle of the input clock (crystal oscillator).
- clock-output-names: should be "cpuclk" and "sysclk".
- #clock-cells: should be set to 1.
clkgen: clkgen@10000 {
compatible = "sigma,tango4-clkgen";
reg = <0x10000 0x40>;
clocks = <&xtal>;
clock-output-names = "cpuclk", "sysclk";
#clock-cells = <1>;