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Cirrus Logic Arizona class audio SoCs
These devices are audio SoCs with extensive digital capabilities and a range
of analogue I/O.
This document lists Extcon specific bindings, see the primary binding document:
Optional properties:
- wlf,hpdet-channel : Headphone detection channel.
ARIZONA_ACCDET_MODE_HPL or 1 - Headphone detect mode is set to HPDETL
ARIZONA_ACCDET_MODE_HPR or 2 - Headphone detect mode is set to HPDETR
If this node is not mentioned or if the value is unknown, then
headphone detection mode is set to HPDETL.
- wlf,use-jd2 : Use the additional JD input along with JD1 for dual pin jack
- wlf,use-jd2-nopull : Internal pull on JD2 is disabled when used for
jack detection.
- wlf,jd-invert : Invert the polarity of the jack detection switch
- wlf,micd-software-compare : Use a software comparison to determine mic
- wlf,micd-detect-debounce : Additional software microphone detection
debounce specified in milliseconds.
- wlf,micd-pol-gpio : GPIO specifier for the GPIO controlling the headset
polarity if one exists.
- wlf,micd-bias-start-time : Time allowed for MICBIAS to startup prior to
performing microphone detection, specified as per the ARIZONA_MICD_TIME_XXX
- wlf,micd-rate : Delay between successive microphone detection measurements,
specified as per the ARIZONA_MICD_TIME_XXX defines.
- wlf,micd-dbtime : Microphone detection hardware debounces specified as the
number of measurements to take, valid values being 2 and 4.
- wlf,micd-timeout-ms : Timeout for microphone detection, specified in
- wlf,micd-force-micbias : Force MICBIAS continuously on during microphone
- wlf,micd-configs : Headset polarity configurations (generally used for
detection of CTIA / OMTP headsets), the field can be of variable length
but should always be a multiple of 3 cells long, each three cell group
represents one polarity configuration.
The first cell defines the accessory detection pin, zero will use MICDET1
and all other values will use MICDET2.
The second cell represents the MICBIAS to be used.
The third cell represents the value of the micd-pol-gpio pin.
- wlf,gpsw : Settings for the general purpose switch, set as one of the
codec: wm8280@0 {
compatible = "wlf,wm8280";
reg = <0>;
wlf,micd-detect-debounce = <0>;
wlf,micd-pol-gpio = <&codec 2 0>;
wlf,micd-rate = <ARIZONA_MICD_TIME_8MS>;
wlf,micd-dbtime = <4>;
wlf,micd-timeout-ms = <100>;
wlf,micd-configs = <
0 1 0 /* MICDET1 MICBIAS1 GPIO=low */
1 2 1 /* MICDET2 MICBIAS2 GPIO=high */
wlf,gpsw = <ARIZONA_GPSW_OPEN>;