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MAX77650 ultra low-power PMIC from Maxim Integrated.
Required properties:
- compatible: Must be "maxim,max77650"
- reg: I2C device address.
- interrupts: The interrupt on the parent the controller is
connected to.
- interrupt-controller: Marks the device node as an interrupt controller.
- #interrupt-cells: Must be <2>.
- gpio-controller: Marks the device node as a gpio controller.
- #gpio-cells: Must be <2>. The first cell is the pin number and
the second cell is used to specify the gpio active
Optional properties:
gpio-line-names: Single string containing the name of the GPIO line.
The GPIO-controller module is represented as part of the top-level PMIC
node. The device exposes a single GPIO line.
For device-tree bindings of other sub-modules (regulator, power supply,
LEDs and onkey) refer to the binding documents under the respective
sub-system directories.
For more details on GPIO bindings, please refer to the generic GPIO DT
binding document <devicetree/bindings/gpio/gpio.txt>.
pmic@48 {
compatible = "maxim,max77650";
reg = <0x48>;
interrupt-parent = <&gpio2>;
#interrupt-cells = <2>;
interrupts = <3 IRQ_TYPE_LEVEL_LOW>;
#gpio-cells = <2>;
gpio-line-names = "max77650-charger";