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Zodiac Inflight Innovations RAVE Supervisory Processor
RAVE Supervisory Processor communicates with SoC over UART. It is
expected that its Device Tree node is specified as a child of a node
corresponding to UART controller used for communication.
Required parent device properties:
- compatible: Should be one of:
- "zii,rave-sp-niu"
- "zii,rave-sp-mezz"
- "zii,rave-sp-esb"
- "zii,rave-sp-rdu1"
- "zii,rave-sp-rdu2"
- current-speed: Should be set to baud rate SP device is using
RAVE SP consists of the following sub-devices:
Device Description
------ -----------
rave-sp-wdt : Watchdog
rave-sp-nvmem : Interface to onborad EEPROM
rave-sp-backlight : Display backlight
rave-sp-hwmon : Interface to onboard hardware sensors
rave-sp-leds : Interface to onboard LEDs
rave-sp-input : Interface to onboard power button
Example of usage:
rdu {
compatible = "zii,rave-sp-rdu2";
current-speed = <1000000>;
watchdog {
compatible = "zii,rave-sp-watchdog";