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Keystone SoC Hardware Random Number Generator(HWRNG) Module
On Keystone SoCs HWRNG module is a submodule of the Security Accelerator.
- compatible: should be "ti,keystone-rng"
- ti,syscon-sa-cfg: phandle to syscon node of the SA configuration registers.
This registers are shared between hwrng and crypto drivers.
- clocks: phandle to the reference clocks for the subsystem
- clock-names: functional clock name. Should be set to "fck"
- reg: HWRNG module register space
/* K2HK */
rng@24000 {
compatible = "ti,keystone-rng";
ti,syscon-sa-cfg = <&sa_config>;
clocks = <&clksa>;
clock-names = "fck";
reg = <0x24000 0x1000>;