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HWRNG support for the timeriomem_rng driver
Required properties:
- compatible : "timeriomem_rng"
- reg : base address to sample from
- period : wait time in microseconds to use between samples
Optional properties:
- quality : estimated number of bits of true entropy per 1024 bits read from the
rng. Defaults to zero which causes the kernel's default quality to
be used instead. Note that the default quality is usually zero
which disables using this rng to automatically fill the kernel's
entropy pool.
N.B. currently 'reg' must be at least four bytes wide and 32-bit aligned
hwrng@44 {
#address-cells = <1>;
#size-cells = <1>;
compatible = "timeriomem_rng";
reg = <0x44 0x04>;
period = <1000000>;