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* Spreadtrum serial UART
Required properties:
- compatible: must be one of:
* "sprd,sc9836-uart"
* "sprd,sc9860-uart", "sprd,sc9836-uart"
- reg: offset and length of the register set for the device
- interrupts: exactly one interrupt specifier
- clock-names: Should contain following entries:
"enable" for UART module enable clock,
"uart" for UART clock,
"source" for UART source (parent) clock.
- clocks: Should contain a clock specifier for each entry in clock-names.
UART clock and source clock are optional properties, but enable clock
is required.
Optional properties:
- dma-names: Should contain "rx" for receive and "tx" for transmit channels.
- dmas: A list of dma specifiers, one for each entry in dma-names.
uart0: serial@0 {
compatible = "sprd,sc9860-uart",
reg = <0x0 0x100>;
interrupts = <GIC_SPI 2 IRQ_TYPE_LEVEL_HIGH>;
dma-names = "rx", "tx";
dmas = <&ap_dma 19>, <&ap_dma 20>;
clock-names = "enable", "uart", "source";
clocks = <&clk_ap_apb_gates 9>, <&clk_uart0>, <&ext_26m>;