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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0 */
* thermal_core.h
* Copyright (C) 2012 Intel Corp
* Author: Durgadoss R <>
#ifndef __THERMAL_CORE_H__
#define __THERMAL_CORE_H__
#include <linux/device.h>
#include <linux/thermal.h>
/* Default Thermal Governor */
#define DEFAULT_THERMAL_GOVERNOR "step_wise"
#define DEFAULT_THERMAL_GOVERNOR "fair_share"
#define DEFAULT_THERMAL_GOVERNOR "user_space"
#define DEFAULT_THERMAL_GOVERNOR "power_allocator"
/* Initial state of a cooling device during binding */
/* Init section thermal table */
extern struct thermal_governor *__governor_thermal_table[];
extern struct thermal_governor *__governor_thermal_table_end[];
#define THERMAL_TABLE_ENTRY(table, name) \
static typeof(name) *__thermal_table_entry_##name \
__used __section(__##table##_thermal_table) = &name
#define for_each_governor_table(__governor) \
for (__governor = __governor_thermal_table; \
__governor < __governor_thermal_table_end; \
struct thermal_attr {
struct device_attribute attr;
static inline bool cdev_is_power_actor(struct thermal_cooling_device *cdev)
return cdev->ops->get_requested_power && cdev->ops->state2power &&
int power_actor_get_max_power(struct thermal_cooling_device *cdev,
struct thermal_zone_device *tz, u32 *max_power);
int power_actor_get_min_power(struct thermal_cooling_device *cdev,
struct thermal_zone_device *tz, u32 *min_power);
int power_actor_set_power(struct thermal_cooling_device *cdev,
struct thermal_instance *ti, u32 power);
* struct thermal_trip - representation of a point in temperature domain
* @np: pointer to struct device_node that this trip point was created from
* @temperature: temperature value in miliCelsius
* @hysteresis: relative hysteresis in miliCelsius
* @type: trip point type
struct thermal_trip {
struct device_node *np;
int temperature;
int hysteresis;
enum thermal_trip_type type;
int get_tz_trend(struct thermal_zone_device *tz, int trip);
struct thermal_instance *
get_thermal_instance(struct thermal_zone_device *tz,
struct thermal_cooling_device *cdev,
int trip);
* This structure is used to describe the behavior of
* a certain cooling device on a certain trip point
* in a certain thermal zone
struct thermal_instance {
int id;
struct thermal_zone_device *tz;
struct thermal_cooling_device *cdev;
int trip;
bool initialized;
unsigned long upper; /* Highest cooling state for this trip point */
unsigned long lower; /* Lowest cooling state for this trip point */
unsigned long target; /* expected cooling state */
char attr_name[THERMAL_NAME_LENGTH];
struct device_attribute attr;
char weight_attr_name[THERMAL_NAME_LENGTH];
struct device_attribute weight_attr;
struct list_head tz_node; /* node in tz->thermal_instances */
struct list_head cdev_node; /* node in cdev->thermal_instances */
unsigned int weight; /* The weight of the cooling device */
#define to_thermal_zone(_dev) \
container_of(_dev, struct thermal_zone_device, device)
#define to_cooling_device(_dev) \
container_of(_dev, struct thermal_cooling_device, device)
int thermal_register_governor(struct thermal_governor *);
void thermal_unregister_governor(struct thermal_governor *);
void thermal_zone_device_rebind_exception(struct thermal_zone_device *,
const char *, size_t);
void thermal_zone_device_unbind_exception(struct thermal_zone_device *,
const char *, size_t);
int thermal_zone_device_set_policy(struct thermal_zone_device *, char *);
int thermal_build_list_of_policies(char *buf);
/* Helpers */
void thermal_zone_set_trips(struct thermal_zone_device *tz);
/* sysfs I/F */
int thermal_zone_create_device_groups(struct thermal_zone_device *, int);
void thermal_zone_destroy_device_groups(struct thermal_zone_device *);
void thermal_cooling_device_setup_sysfs(struct thermal_cooling_device *);
void thermal_cooling_device_destroy_sysfs(struct thermal_cooling_device *cdev);
/* used only at binding time */
ssize_t trip_point_show(struct device *, struct device_attribute *, char *);
ssize_t weight_show(struct device *, struct device_attribute *, char *);
ssize_t weight_store(struct device *, struct device_attribute *, const char *,
void thermal_cooling_device_stats_update(struct thermal_cooling_device *cdev,
unsigned long new_state);
static inline void
thermal_cooling_device_stats_update(struct thermal_cooling_device *cdev,
unsigned long new_state) {}
/* device tree support */
int of_parse_thermal_zones(void);
int of_thermal_get_ntrips(struct thermal_zone_device *);
bool of_thermal_is_trip_valid(struct thermal_zone_device *, int);
const struct thermal_trip *
of_thermal_get_trip_points(struct thermal_zone_device *);
static inline int of_parse_thermal_zones(void) { return 0; }
static inline int of_thermal_get_ntrips(struct thermal_zone_device *tz)
return 0;
static inline bool of_thermal_is_trip_valid(struct thermal_zone_device *tz,
int trip)
return false;
static inline const struct thermal_trip *
of_thermal_get_trip_points(struct thermal_zone_device *tz)
return NULL;
#endif /* __THERMAL_CORE_H__ */