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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0-only */
* Copyright (c) 2010-2011, The Linux Foundation. All rights reserved.
#define do_csum do_csum
unsigned int do_csum(const void *voidptr, int len);
* the same as csum_partial, but copies from src while it
* checksums
* here even more important to align src and dst on a 32-bit (or even
* better 64-bit) boundary
#define csum_partial_copy_nocheck csum_partial_copy_nocheck
__wsum csum_partial_copy_nocheck(const void *src, void *dst,
int len, __wsum sum);
* computes the checksum of the TCP/UDP pseudo-header
* returns a 16-bit checksum, already complemented
#define csum_tcpudp_nofold csum_tcpudp_nofold
__wsum csum_tcpudp_nofold(__be32 saddr, __be32 daddr,
__u32 len, __u8 proto, __wsum sum);
#define csum_tcpudp_magic csum_tcpudp_magic
__sum16 csum_tcpudp_magic(__be32 saddr, __be32 daddr,
__u32 len, __u8 proto, __wsum sum);
#include <asm-generic/checksum.h>