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# Roman table for notouch.
# This rule is basically same as flick-hiragana.
# However, we don't want to have raw number transliterated candidates, like
# "12" from "あか"
# Number only raw input will produce transliterated candidates
# via transliteration_rewriter. For example if we have (1, あ) and (2, か),
# input "あか" will make candidates "12" in addition to "あか", "赤", etc.
# For suppressing such candidates, we use A-J instead of 0-9 as keycode.
# This is the only difference between flick-hiragana and notouch-hiragana.
! NoTransliteration
_ NoTransliteration
; NoTransliteration
: NoTransliteration
@ NoTransliteration
" か NoTransliteration
か* が
が* か
a き NoTransliteration
き* ぎ
ぎ* き
b く NoTransliteration
く* ぐ
ぐ* く
c け NoTransliteration
け* げ
げ* け
| こ NoTransliteration
こ* ご
ご* こ
# さ NoTransliteration
さ* ざ
ざ* さ
d し NoTransliteration
し* じ
じ* し
e す NoTransliteration
す* ず
ず* す
f せ NoTransliteration
せ* ぜ
ぜ* せ
~ そ NoTransliteration
そ* ぞ
ぞ* そ
' た NoTransliteration
た* だ
だ* た
g ち NoTransliteration
ち* ぢ
ぢ* ち
h つ NoTransliteration
つ* っ
っ* づ
づ* つ
i て NoTransliteration
て* で
で* て
$ と NoTransliteration
と* ど
ど* と
[ な NoTransliteration
j に NoTransliteration
k ぬ NoTransliteration
l ね NoTransliteration
% の NoTransliteration
] は NoTransliteration
は* ば
ば* ぱ
ぱ* は
m ひ NoTransliteration
ひ* び
び* ぴ
ぴ* ひ
n ふ NoTransliteration
ふ* ぶ
ぶ* ぷ
ぷ* ふ
o へ NoTransliteration
へ* べ
べ* ぺ
ぺ* へ
& ほ NoTransliteration
ほ* ぼ
ぼ* ぽ
ぽ* ほ
< ま NoTransliteration
p み NoTransliteration
q む NoTransliteration
r め NoTransliteration
s も NoTransliteration
= や NoTransliteration
や* ゃ
ゃ* や
u ゆ NoTransliteration
ゆ* ゅ
ゅ* ゆ
^ よ NoTransliteration
よ* ょ
ょ* よ
t 「 NoTransliteration
v 」 NoTransliteration
> ら NoTransliteration
w り NoTransliteration
x る NoTransliteration
y れ NoTransliteration
z ろ NoTransliteration
* NoTransliteration
( ( NoTransliteration
) ) NoTransliteration
? わ NoTransliteration
わ* ゎ
ゎ* わ
+ を NoTransliteration
/ ん NoTransliteration
- ー NoTransliteration