Implicitly link to input.dll on Windows.

Now that we we no longer support Windows XP, we can safely assume
that input.dll is always available and it's OK to implicitly link
to that rather than relying on LoadLibrary and GetProcAddress.

One tricky part is that Windows SDK does not provide the import
library for input.dll.  To work around this, we will create our own
import library as a part of build steps, by following this document.

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Mozc - a Japanese Input Method Editor designed for multi-platform

Copyright 2010-2015, Google Inc.

Mozc is a Japanese Input Method Editor (IME) designed for multi-platform such as Android OS, Apple OS X, Chromium OS, GNU/Linux and Microsoft Windows. This OpenSource project originates from Google Japanese Input.

Build Status

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What's Mozc?

For historical reasons, the project name Mozc has two different meanings:

  1. Internal code name of Google Japanese Input that is still commonly used inside Google.
  2. Project name to release a subset of Google Japanese Input in the form of source code under OSS license without any warranty nor user support.

In this repository, Mozc means the second definition unless otherwise noted.

Detailed differences between Google Japanese Input and Mozc are described in About Branding.

Build Instructions

Release Plan

tl;dr. There is no stable version.

As described in About Branding page, Google does not promise any official QA for OSS Mozc project. Because of this, Mozc does not have a concept of Stable Release. Instead we change version number every time when we introduce non-trivial change. If you are interested in packaging Mozc source code, or developing your own products based on Mozc, feel free to pick up any version. They should be equally stable (or equally unstable) in terms of no official QA process.

Release History page may have additional information and useful links about recent changes.


All Mozc code written by Google is released under The BSD 3-Clause License. For thrid party code under src/third_party directory, see each sub directory to find the copyright notice. Note also that outside src/third_party following directories contain thrid party code.

###src/data/dictionary_oss/ Mixed. See src/data/dictionary_oss/README.txt

###src/data/test/dictionary/ The same to src/data/dictionary_oss/. See src/data/dictionary_oss/README.txt

###src/data/test/stress_test/ Public Domain. See the comment in src/data/test/stress_test/sentences.txt

###src/data/unicode/ UNICODE, INC. LICENSE AGREEMENT. See each file header for details.