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<h3> Deployment of Database Adaptor </h3>
<p>A single instance of Database adaptor can acquire
content from single SQL Database.
<li>GSA 7.2 or higher
<li>Java JRE 1.7 or higher installed on computer that runs adaptor
<li>Database Adaptor JAR executable
<li>Driver jar for your database (eg. ojdbc6 or sqljdbc4)
<li>Credentials for your database
<h4>Configure GSA for Adaptor</h4>
<li>Add the IP address of the computer that hosts the adaptor to the <b>List
of Trusted IP Addresses</b> on the GSA.
<p>In the GSA's Admin Console, go to <b>Content Sources &gt; Feeds</b>,
and scroll down to <b>List of Trusted IP Addresses</b>. Add the IP address
for the adaptor to the list.
<li>Add the URLs provided by the adaptor to the <b>Follow Patterns</b> on the GSA.
<p>In the Admin console, go to <b>Content Sources &gt; Web Crawl &gt;
Start and Block URLs</b>, and scroll down to <b>Follow Patterns</b>.
Add an entry like <code>
</code> where <code></code> is the hostname of the
machine that hosts the adaptor. By default the adaptor runs on port 5678.
<h4>Configure Adaptor</h4>