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 Use Acl.Builder
-* Can I represent multiple ACLs for same document?
-Consider: some/path/Folder and some/path/Folder/File
-some/path/Folder (sent via retriever)<br>
-generated/inherit_file/some/path/Folder (sent via pushNamedResources)<br>
-generated/inherit_folder/some/path/Folder (sent via pushNamedResources)<br>
-some/path/Folder/File inherits from generated/inherit_file/some/path/Folder (sent via retriever)<br>
-To send using pushNamedResources, create the other ACLs and then spawn a new thread that calls pushNamedResources.
 * I'm getting interruption exception, what am I doing wrong?
 The adaptor has 30 seconds to start sending content, and 3 minutes to complete sending content.  The config values are adaptor.docContentTimeoutSecs and adaptor.docHeaderTimeoutSecs.