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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0-only */
* Copyright (c) 2015, 2017-2018, The Linux Foundation. All rights reserved.
#ifndef __QCOM_GDSC_H__
#define __QCOM_GDSC_H__
#include <linux/err.h>
#include <linux/pm_domain.h>
struct regmap;
struct reset_controller_dev;
* struct gdsc - Globally Distributed Switch Controller
* @pd: generic power domain
* @regmap: regmap for MMIO accesses
* @gdscr: gsdc control register
* @gds_hw_ctrl: gds_hw_ctrl register
* @cxcs: offsets of branch registers to toggle mem/periph bits in
* @cxc_count: number of @cxcs
* @pwrsts: Possible powerdomain power states
* @resets: ids of resets associated with this gdsc
* @reset_count: number of @resets
* @rcdev: reset controller
struct gdsc {
struct generic_pm_domain pd;
struct generic_pm_domain *parent;
struct regmap *regmap;
unsigned int gdscr;
unsigned int gds_hw_ctrl;
unsigned int clamp_io_ctrl;
unsigned int *cxcs;
unsigned int cxc_count;
const u8 pwrsts;
/* Powerdomain allowable state bitfields */
#define PWRSTS_OFF BIT(0)
#define PWRSTS_RET BIT(1)
#define PWRSTS_ON BIT(2)
const u8 flags;
#define VOTABLE BIT(0)
#define CLAMP_IO BIT(1)
#define HW_CTRL BIT(2)
#define SW_RESET BIT(3)
#define AON_RESET BIT(4)
#define ALWAYS_ON BIT(6)
struct reset_controller_dev *rcdev;
unsigned int *resets;
unsigned int reset_count;
struct gdsc_desc {
struct device *dev;
struct gdsc **scs;
size_t num;
int gdsc_register(struct gdsc_desc *desc, struct reset_controller_dev *,
struct regmap *);
void gdsc_unregister(struct gdsc_desc *desc);
static inline int gdsc_register(struct gdsc_desc *desc,
struct reset_controller_dev *rcdev,
struct regmap *r)
return -ENOSYS;
static inline void gdsc_unregister(struct gdsc_desc *desc) {};
#endif /* CONFIG_QCOM_GDSC */
#endif /* __QCOM_GDSC_H__ */