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# SPDX-License-Identifier: (GPL-2.0 OR BSD-2-Clause)
%YAML 1.2
title: Devicetree Vendor Prefix Registry
- Rob Herring <>
select: true
properties: {}
# Prefixes which are not vendors, but followed the pattern
"^(at25|devbus|dmacap|dsa|exynos|fsi[ab]|gpio-fan|gpio|gpmc|hdmi|i2c-gpio),.*": true
"^(keypad|m25p|max8952|max8997|max8998|mpmc),.*": true
"^(pinctrl-single|#pinctrl-single|PowerPC),.*": true
"^(pl022|pxa-mmc|rcar_sound|rotary-encoder|s5m8767|sdhci),.*": true
"^(simple-audio-card|simple-graph-card|st-plgpio|st-spics|ts),.*": true
# Keep list in alphabetical order.
description: Abilis Systems
description: Abracon Corporation
description: Acme Systems srl
description: Actions Semiconductor Co., Ltd.
description: Active-Semi International Inc
description: Avionic Design GmbH
description: Adafruit Industries, LLC
description: Adapteva, Inc.
description: Adaptrum, Inc.
description: AD Holdings Plc.
description: Analog Devices, Inc.
description: Advantech Corporation
description: Aeroflex Gaisler AB
description: Annapurna Labs
description: Allegro DVT
description: Allwinner Technology Co., Ltd.
description: AlphaScale Integrated Circuits Systems, Inc.
description: Altera Corp.
description: Amarula Solutions
description:, Inc.
description: Applied Micro Circuits Corporation (APM, formally AMCC)
description: Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), Inc.
description: Shenzhen Amediatech Technology Co., Ltd
description: Amlogic, Inc.
description: Ampire Co., Ltd.
description: AMS AG
description: AMS-Taos Inc.
description: Analogix Semiconductor, Inc.
description: Andes Technology Corporation
description: Anvo-Systems Dresden GmbH
description: Applied Micro Circuits Corporation (APM)
description: Aptina Imaging
description: Arasan Chip Systems
description: ArcherMind Technology (Nanjing) Co., Ltd.
description: Arctic Sand
description: arcx Inc. / Archronix Inc.
description: Aries Embedded GmbH
description: ARM Ltd.
description: ARMadeus Systems SARL
description: Arrow Electronics
description: Artesyn Embedded Technologies Inc.
description: Asahi Kasei Corp.
description: ASPEED Technology Inc.
description: AsusTek Computer Inc.
description: Atlas Scientific LLC
description: Atmel Corporation
description: AU Optronics Corporation
description: Auvidea GmbH
description: Avago Technologies
description: avia semiconductor
description: Shanghai AVIC Optoelectronics Co., Ltd.
description: Avnet, Inc.
description: Axentia Technologies AB
description: Axis Communications AB
description: Azoteq (Pty) Ltd
description: Shenzhen AZW Technology Co., Ltd.
description: Beckhoff Automation GmbH & Co. KG
description: Bitmain Technologies
description: BOE Technology Group Co., Ltd.
description: Bosch Sensortec GmbH
description: Boundary Devices Inc.
description: Broadcom Corporation
description: Buffalo, Inc.
description: B&R Industrial Automation GmbH
description: Bticino International
description: Calxeda
description: Capella Microsystems, Inc
description: Cascoda, Ltd.
description: Catalyst Semiconductor, Inc.
description: Cavium, Inc.
description: Cadence Design Systems Inc.
description: CDTech(H.K.) Electronics Limited
description: Ceva, Inc.
description: Chipidea, Inc
description: ChipOne
description: ChipSPARK
description: Common Hardware Reference Platform
description: Chunghwa Picture Tubes Ltd.
description: Chuwi Innovation Ltd.
description: Computadora Industrial Abierta Argentina
description: Cirrus Logic, Inc.
description: Cloud Engines, Inc.
description: Chips&Media, Inc.
description: Conexant Systems, Inc.
description: Colorful GRP, Shenzhen Xueyushi Technology Ltd.
description: CompuLab Ltd.
description: Chengdu Corpro Technology Co., Ltd.
description: Cortina Systems, Inc.
description: Cosmic Circuits
description: Crane Connectivity Solutions
description: Creative Technology Ltd
description: Crystalfontz America, Inc.
description: Hangzhou C-SKY Microsystems Co., Ltd
description: Shenzen Chuangsiqi Technology Co.,Ltd.
description: Cubietech, Ltd.
description: Cypress Semiconductor Corporation
description: CZ.NIC, z.s.p.o.
description: Maxim Integrated Products (formerly Dallas Semiconductor)
description: DataImage, Inc.
description: DAVICOM Semiconductor, Inc.
description: Delta Electronics, Inc.
description: Denx Software Engineering
description: Devantech, Ltd.
description: DH electronics GmbH
description: Shenzhen Yagu Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
description: Digi International Inc.
description: Diglent, Inc.
description: Dioo Microcircuit Co., Ltd
description: DLC Display Co., Ltd.
description: Dialog Semiconductor
description: D-Link Corporation
description: Data Modul AG
description: Domintech Co., Ltd.
description: Dongwoon Anatech
description: DPTechnics
description: Dragino Technology Co., Limited
description: dServe Technology B.V.
description: Embedded Artists AB
description: EBS-SYSTART GmbH
description: EBV Elektronik
description: Eckelmann AG
description: Emerging Display Technologies
description: eGalax_eMPIA Technology Inc
description: Einfochips
description: Elan Microelectronic Corp.
description: Elgin S/A.
description: Shenzhen Embest Technology Co., Ltd.
description: Emlid, Ltd.
description: EM Microelectronic
description: Empire Electronix
description: emtrion GmbH
description: Endless Mobile, Inc.
description: Silicon Laboratories (formerly Energy Micro AS)
description: Engicam S.r.l.
description: EPCOS AG
description: Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne
description: Seiko Epson Corp.
description: Espressif Systems Co. Ltd.
description: ESTeem Wireless Modems
description: NI Ettus Research
description: Eukréa Electromatique
description: Everest Semiconductor Co. Ltd.
description: Everspin Technologies, Inc.
description: Evervision Electronics Co. Ltd.
description: Exar Corporation
description: Excito
description: EZchip Semiconductor
description: Facebook
description: Fairphone B.V.
description: Faraday Technology Corporation
description: Fastrax Oy
description: Fairchild Semiconductor
description: Shenzhen Fly Young Technology Co.,LTD.
description: Firefly
description: FocalTech Systems Co.,Ltd
description: Guangzhou FriendlyARM Computer Tech Co., Ltd
description: Freescale Semiconductor
description: Fujitsu Ltd.
description: GARDENA GmbH
description: Gateworks Corporation
description: Game Consoles Worldwide
description: General Electric Company
description: GeekBuying
description: GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms Embedded Systems, Inc.
description: GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms Embedded Systems, Inc.
description: Gemei Digital Technology Co., Ltd.
description: Geniatech, Inc.
description: Giantec Semiconductor, Inc.
description: Giantplus Technology Co., Ltd.
description: Globalscale Technologies, Inc.
description: GlobalTop Technology, Inc.
description: Global Mixed-mode Technology, Inc.
description: Shenzhen Huiding Technology Co., Ltd.
description: Google, Inc.
description: Grinn
description: Garmin Limited
description: Gumstix, Inc.
description: Gateworks Corporation
description: HannStar Display Corporation
description: Haoyu Microelectronic Co. Ltd.
description: Hardkernel Co., Ltd
description: HiDeep Inc.
description: Himax Technologies, Inc.
description: Hisilicon Limited.
description: Hitachi Ltd.
description: Hitex Development Tools
description: Holt Integrated Circuits, Inc.
description: Honeywell
description: Jiangsu HopeRun Software Co., Ltd.
description: Hewlett Packard
description: HannStar Display Co.
description: Holtek Semiconductor, Inc.
description: Shenzhen Hugsun Technology Co. Ltd.
description: HwaCom Systems Inc.
description: Hyundai Technology
description: I2SE GmbH
description: International Business Machines (IBM)
description: IC Plus Corp.
description: Integrated Device Technologies, Inc.
description: Ingenieurburo Fur Ic-Technologie (I/F/I)
description: ILI Technology Corporation (ILITEK)
description: Imagination Technologies Ltd.
description: In-Circuit GmbH
description: Shenzhen iNet Mobile Internet Technology Co., Ltd
description: Infineon Technologies
description: Inforce Computing
description: Ingenic Semiconductor
description: Innolux Corporation
description: INSIDE Secure
description: Inspur Corporation
description: Intel Corporation
description: Inter Control Group
description: InvenSense Inc.
description: Inverse Path
description: Iomega Corporation
description: ISEE 2007 S.L.
description: Intersil
description: Integrated Silicon Solutions Inc.
description: ITEAD Intelligent Systems Co.Ltd
description: iWave Systems Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
description: Japan Display Inc.
description: JEDEC Solid State Technology Association
description: Shenzhen Jesurun Electronics Business Dept.
description: Jiandangjing Technology Co., Ltd.
description: Ka-Ro electronics GmbH
description: Keith & Koep GmbH
description: Keymile GmbH
description: Khadas
description: Kieback & Peter GmbH
description: Kinetic Technologies
description: King & Display Technology Co., Ltd.
description: Kingnovel Technology Co., Ltd.
description: Kionix, Inc.
description: Rakuten Kobo Inc.
description: Kaohsiung Opto-Electronics Inc.
description: Kontron S&T AG
description: Sutajio Ko-Usagi PTE Ltd.
description: Kyocera Corporation
description: LaCie
description: Laird PLC
description: Ketai Huajie Technology Co., Ltd.
description: Lantiq Semiconductor
description: Lattice Semiconductor
description: Leez
description: LEGO Systems A/S
description: Shenzhen LeMaker Technology Co., Ltd.
description: Lenovo Group Ltd.
description: LG Corporation
description: LG Display
description: Shenzhen Libre Technology Co., Ltd
description: Lichee Pi
description: Linaro Limited
description: LinkSprite Technologies, Inc.
description: Belkin International, Inc. (Linksys)
description: Linux-specific binding
description: Linx Technologies
description: Linear Technology Corporation
description: Logic PD, Inc.
description: Longcheer Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
description: LSI Corp. (LSI Logic)
description: Liebherr-Werk Nenzing GmbH
description: Macnica Americas
description: Marvell Technology Group Ltd.
description: MaxBotix Inc.
description: Maxim Integrated Products
description: Mobiveil Inc.
description: mCube
description: Measurement Specialties
description: Mustek Limited
description: MediaTek Inc.
description: MegaChips
description: Shenzhen MeLE Digital Technology Ltd.
description: Melexis N.V.
description: MELFAS Inc.
description: Mellanox Technologies
description: MEMSIC Inc.
description: Menlo Systems GmbH
description: Merrii Technology Co., Ltd.
description: Micrel Inc.
description: Microchip Technology Inc.
description: Micro Crystal AG
description: Micron Technology Inc.
description: Microsoft Corporation
description: MikroElektronika d.o.o.
description: Miniand Tech
description: MINIX Technology Ltd.
description: MiraMEMS Sensing Technology Co., Ltd.
description: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
description: Mosaix Technologies, Inc.
description: Motorola, Inc.
description: Moxa Inc.
description: MPL AG
description: mqmaker Inc.
description: Microsemi Corporation
description: Micro-Star International Co. Ltd.
description: Imagination Technologies Ltd. (formerly MIPS Technologies Inc.)
description: Multi-Inno Technology Co.,Ltd
description: Mundo Reader S.L.
description: Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
description: Macronix International Co., Ltd.
description: MYIR Tech Limited
description: National Semiconductor
description: NEC LCD Technologies, Ltd.
description: Neonode Inc.
description: NETGEAR
description: Broadcom Corporation (formerly NetLogic Microsystems)
description: Netron DY
description: Shenzhen Netxeon Technology CO., LTD
description: Nexbox
description: Next Thing Co.
description: Newhaven Display International
description: National Instruments
description: Nintendo
description: NLT Technologies, Ltd.
description: Nokia
description: Nordic Semiconductor
description: NovTech, Inc.
description: NutsBoard
description: Nuvoton Technology Corporation
description: New Vision Display
description: NVIDIA
description: NXP Semiconductors
description: Oceanic Systems (UK) Ltd.
description: Okaya Electric America, Inc.
description: Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd.
description: OLIMEX Ltd.
description: One Laptop Per Child
description: Onion Corporation
description: ON Semiconductor Corp.
description: On Tat Industrial Company
description: Opal Kelly Incorporated
description: Option NV
description: Shenzhen Oranth Technology Co., Ltd.
description: Oracle Corporation
description: Orise Technology
description: Ortus Technology Co., Ltd.
description: OSD Displays
description: OmniVision Technologies
description: Oxford Semiconductor, Ltd.
description: Panasonic Corporation
description: Parade Technologies Inc.
description: Precision Design Associates, Inc.
description: Pericom Technology Inc.
description: Pervasive Displays, Inc.
description: PHICOMM Co., Ltd.
description: PHYTEC Messtechnik GmbH
description: Picochip Ltd
description: Pine64
description: Shenzhen PineRiver Designs Co., Ltd.
description: Plantower Co., Ltd
description: Plat\'Home Co., Ltd.
description: PLDA
description: Broadcom Corporation (formerly PLX Technology)
description: PNI Sensor Corporation
description: Polaroid Corporation
description: Portwell Inc.
description: Poslab Technology Co., Ltd.
description: Point of View International B.V.
description: PowerVR (deprecated, use img)
description: Primux Trading, S.L.
description: PROBOX2 (by W2COMP Co., Ltd.)
description: PulsedLight, Inc
description: Purism, SPC
description: Qualcomm Atheros, Inc.
description: Qualcomm Technologies, Inc
description: QEMU, a generic and open source machine emulator and virtualizer
description: Qi Hardware
description: Chengdu Kaixuan Information Technology Co., Ltd.
description: QiaoDian XianShi Corporation
description: QNAP Systems, Inc.
description: Radxa
description: RaidSonic Technology GmbH
description: Mediatek/Ralink Technology Corp.
description: Ramtron International
description: Raspberry Pi Foundation
description: Raydium Semiconductor Corp.
description: Unisoc Communications, Inc.
description: Realtek Semiconductor Corp.
description: Renesas Electronics Corporation
description: Shenzhen Rervision Technology Co., Ltd.
description: Richtek Technology Corporation
description: Ricoh Co. Ltd.
description: Rikomagic Tech Corp. Ltd
description: RISC-V Foundation
description: Fuzhou Rockchip Electronics Co., Ltd
description: ROHM Semiconductor Co., Ltd
description: Ronbo Electronics
description: Shenzhen Roofull Technology Co, Ltd
description: Samsung Semiconductor
description: Samtec/Softing company
description: Sancloud Ltd
description: Sandisk Corporation
description: Smart Battery System
description: Schindler
description: Seagate Technology PLC
description: Shenzhen SEI Robotics Co., Ltd
description: Semtech Corporation
description: Sensirion AG
description: Sensortek Technology Corporation
description: Small Form Factor Committee
description: Solomon Goldentek Display Corporation
description: SGX Sensortech
description: Sharp Corporation
description: Shimafuji Electric, Inc.
description: Si-En Technology Ltd.
description: Silicon Linux Corporation
description: SiFive, Inc.
description: Sigma Designs, Inc.
description: Seiko Instruments, Inc.
description: Silicon Image
description: Silicon Laboratories
description: Silead Inc.
description: Silergy Corp.
description: Silicon Mitus, Inc.
description: Cypress Semiconductor Corporation (Simtek Corporation)
description: Sinlinx Electronics Technology Co., LTD
description: SinoVoip Co., Ltd
description: Shenzhen Sipeed Technology Co., Ltd.
description: SiRF Technology, Inc.
description: Silicon Integrated Systems Corp.
description: Sitronix Technology Corporation
description: Skyworks Solutions, Inc.
description: Standard Microsystems Corporation
description: Synopsys, Inc.
description: Shenzhen SoChip Technology Co., Ltd.
description: Socionext Inc.
description: SolidRun
description: Solomon Systech Limited
description: Sony Corporation
description: Spansion Inc.
description: Spreadtrum Communications Inc.
description: Silicon Storage Technology, Inc.
description: STMicroelectronics
description: Starry Electronic Technology (ShenZhen) Co., LTD
description: Startek
description: ST-Ericsson
description: ST-Ericsson
description: Summit microelectronics
description: Shenzhen Sunchip Technology Co., Ltd
description: Sun Microsystems, Inc
description: Sierra Wireless
description: Synaptics Inc.
description: Synology, Inc.
description: TBS Technologies
description: Touchless Biometric Systems AG
description: Trusted Computing Group
description: Toby Churchill Ltd.
description: TechNexion
description: Technologic Systems
description: Tempo Semiconductor
description: Shenzhen Techstar Electronics Co., Ltd.
description: Terasic Inc.
description: Three Five Corp
description: THine Electronics, Inc.
description: Texas Instruments
description: Tianma Micro-electronics Co., Ltd.
description: Trusted Logic Mobility
description: Tecon Microprocessor Technologies, LLC.
description: Topeet
description: TPO (deprecated, use tpo)
deprecated: true
description: Toradex AG
description: Toshiba Corporation
description: Toumaz
description: TPK U.S.A. LLC
description: TP-LINK Technologies Co., Ltd.
description: TPO
description: TQ Systems GmbH
description: Tronfy
description: Tronsmart
description: Truly Semiconductors Limited
description: Theobroma Systems Design und Consulting GmbH
description: Tyan Computer Corporation
description: u-blox
description: uCRobotics
description: Ubiquiti Networks
description: Udoo
description: United Western Technologies Corp (UniWest)
description: uPI Semiconductor Corp.
description: United Radiant Technology Corporation
description: Universal Scientific Industrial Co., Ltd.
description: Aigo Digital Technology Co., Ltd.
description: V3 Semiconductor
description: Vamrs Ltd.
description: Variscite Ltd.
description: VIA Technologies, Inc.
description: Virtual I/O Device Specification, developed by the OASIS consortium
description: Vishay Intertechnology, Inc
description: Vitesse Semiconductor Corporation
description: Vivante Corporation
description: VoCore Studio
description: Voipac Technologies s.r.o.
description: Vision Optical Technology Co., Ltd.
description: VXT Ltd
description: Western Digital Corp.
description: WeTek Electronics, limited.
description: Wexler
description: Shenzhen whwave Electronics, Inc.
description: Wi2Wi, Inc.
description: Winbond Electronics corp.
description: Winstar Display Corp.
description: Shenzhen Merrii Technology Co., Ltd. (WITS)
description: Wolfson Microelectronics
description: Wondermedia Technologies, Inc.
description: Wobo
description: X-Powers
description: Extreme Engineering Solutions (X-ES)
description: Xillybus Ltd.
description: Xilinx
description: Shenzhen Xunlong Software CO.,Limited
description: Yones Toptech Co., Ltd.
description: Y Soft Corporation a.s.
description: Zarlink Semiconductor
description: ZEITEC Semiconductor Co., LTD.
description: Shenzhen Zidoo Technology Co., Ltd.
description: Zodiac Inflight Innovations
description: ZTE Corp.
description: ZyXEL Communications Corp.
# Normal property name match without a comma
# These should catch all node/property names without a prefix
"^[a-zA-Z0-9#_][a-zA-Z0-9+\\-._@]{0,63}$": true
"^[a-zA-Z0-9+\\-._]*@[0-9a-zA-Z,]*$": true
"^#.*": true
additionalProperties: false